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Use Your Personal Colours To Your Advantage

Colour surrounds us yet we barely take notice of it – or do we? We actually do, but most of us are unaware of its power and influence. A personal colour analysis done by an image consultant will highlight not only the personal colours that harmonize with your complexion, but how to use these specific colours as a form of expression and persuasion. Whether it’s in the workplace or out with a personal shopper, this knowledge will make choosing your colours easy.

For example, BLACK is a powerful colour not everyone can wear successfully, due to its severity. If you have fair skin, then black will wear you. Medium to darker complexions can compete with its darkness. In the business world, a black suit gives the message that the wearer is there to conduct business. If a business is ‘in the black’, it is making money. Black is also associated with sophistication; hence the formal ‘black tie’ event.

RED is a colour that not only stands out more than others, but also makes our heart race. Red is often related to positive things – it’s good luck to tie a red bow around a new car and the Chinese see red as the color of good luck. When Hilary Clinton announced her presidency, she was wearing a red jacket. Her jacket was telling us she will not be forgotten, that she will stand out and make a difference. When presenting to a group, wear red to be remembered – men in red ties and women in red suits can ensure you will be noticed.

NAVY BLUE is as old as the British navy, which has always been perceived as reliable and trustworthy. Navy blue is a colour that every complexion can wear successfully. It’s a great colour for a suit on days when you are attempting to sell a product or chairing a meeting. You can never go wrong wearing a navy blue suit.

TRUE BLUE (medium blue) is a positive colour – when the sky is blue we are guaranteed good weather. Blue is also non-threatening and relaxing. Terminated employees experience less anxiety when terminated by Human Resource staff wearing blue. If you are ‘true blue’ you are loyal and faithful. Wear something true blue to court to give off an air of innocence.

WHITE is also a positive colour in many ways. It is considered good luck for brides to wear white. A white flag is the universal symbol for truce. Doctors wearing white lab coats provide us with a secure feeling of cleanliness and perfection. White blouses or shirts always create a welcoming contrast against darker clothing. A white shirt worn with a suit represents the most classic and highest level of business authority.

Don’t hesitate to have your personal colours analyzed by an image consultant – you’ll wish you had done it sooner!

Lynda Jean
Certified Image Consultant

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