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Why Don’t I Wear Everything In My Closet???

A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear – sound familiar? The truth is that most of us, particularly women, wear only 20% of what is hanging in our closet. So why is this happening?

One of the reasons is that many of us do not know ourselves well. What I mean is that how many of us know, for example, the difference between the colours that enhance us and those that blend us into the wallpaper? Without this knowledge, we end up purchasing clothing without colour discrimination. When we put on the clothes in colours that diminish us, we know subconsciously that something is wrong, so we do not wear them – and we repeat this process over and over again. By investing your time with an image consultant to do a colour analysis, you will not only learn to recognize your best colours, but also the perfect shades, intensity and values of those colours. For example, everyone can wear red, but what you need to know is if it is a blue or yellow red, muted or shiny, and light or dark? With this knowledge, you will not only shop smarter and faster, but you will stop wasting your money.

How many of you know your body? Women, in particular, are so hard on themselves, focusing on their areas of concern instead of their attributes – without reminding themselves that there are some genetic parts we cannot change. For example, if we are short, we come by it honestly by our genetic makeup. If we are wide hipped or have short legs, we come by it honestly. By knowing your body and its limitations, you will be more open to accepting it. By having a Style Analysis done by a certified image consultant, you will not only become fully aware of each aspect of your body, but also how to strategically dress it. You will learn how to use colour, shape, lines and proportion to dress your body to accentuate your best features. You will no longer lust over the dress that you love on the mannequin if you know it doesn’t love you back. You will know by looking at a garment if it is the right style for your body. And you will understand why those clothes that you brought home from the last sale have just been sitting in your closet.

Many of us just shop in a fog without any direction or guidelines – and are often so overwhelmed with the shopping experience that we do not take the time to consider our purchases. How can we come down to earth to ensure we make the right decisions? You can start by asking yourself four things – is it the right colour, style, fit and proportion for me? Do I feel good when I put it on? If not, put it back – chances are you will not even think about it tomorrow and you will have saved yourself your hard earned money.

Once you recognize your best colours and styles, you will attain the ultimate goal – to actually wear everything in your closet and look and feel great!

Lynda Jean
Certified Image Consultant

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