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COVID-19 has changed our lives in many ways and it has certainly challenged our ability to adapt. As a result, I have had to reinvent my business since I can no longer meet my clients face-to-face. I am excited to announce that I will be able to conduct my services digitally. The desire to look and present your best has not changed, and it is actually more important than ever. When first impressions are made in 10 seconds or less, it is vital to know how to present yourself in the best and most effective way possible. Maintaining professionalism virtually may be uncomfortable or new but it is very important to stay in control of how you look since appearance is crucial to success. Although we are not able to meet in person, I will be able to perform my assessments and professional services virtually.  



Image Assessment & Goal Setting











Have you ever wondered how people always look ‘put together’? Although following trends may be easy, they are not the best plan since they are short-lived. In fact, it is much more essential to have a unique style that fits and represents you. Indeed, everyone is capable of presenting their very best self, although some may need guidance and support.

I will provide you with an overall assessment of your hair, makeup, colouring and body shape. After the assessment, I will suggest the best types of clothing to suit your lifestyle, profession and aspirations. We will also analyze and create lasting professional goals that will correspond with your new and approved image.

Be sure to prepare questions prior to your assessment as I will be able to provide feedback that will give you motivation and confidence to be able to create your new, yet natural look.

Professional Assessment & Goal Setting













With the onset of COVID-19, we have had to totally adjust how we operate our work environment and how we communicate with clients. You may have recently lost your job or you may have just graduated. You may be a seasoned professional, or work from home and are still expected to perform your business activities virtually. If you can relate to any of these positions or one similar to them, this is your moment to seize the opportunity to emerge from the crowd and present the best version of your professional self. Most people like you are still trying to comprehend this ‘new normal’ of operating life digitally. With my support, you will be able to succeed in these demanding times by feeling, looking and presenting your best self.

After analyzing your situation and understanding your specific needs, I will assist you with how to implement the professional look you need to prosper. The all-important ABC’s (Appearance, Behaviour and Communication) will be addressed to ensure your overall presence represents your branding.

Since business communication will be conducted virtually, I will also provide you with essential tools to perfect your digital presence.

Wardrobe Audit













Did you know that most of us wear 20% of what is in our closet? This research is not surprising because most of my clients that I have worked with experienced the same frustrating results. Many people have closets that are filled with clothes that are never worn. We shop for clothes for a number of reasons: a ‘pick me up’, the attractive lure of a sale, or you must have the look that is on a mannequin.

Over time, your clothes pile up and you end up having too many clothes in your closet that are forgotten. As a result, you never get to see the wonderful pieces you could and should be wearing. Coordinating with what you already own will not only clean out your overflowing closet but it will refine your image and establish how to demonstrate your identity successfully.

I will assess your natural look, body type and lifestyle so that together we will streamline your wardrobe. We will organize your clothing and accessories into groups:

I will show you how to mix and match your remaining special pieces and how to use your accessories to create beautiful outfits. You will feel more organized and empowered after this fundamental wardrobe cleansing.




The Magic of Colour

June 11, 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm ET












It is my pleasure to offer this webinar to you complementary as my way of giving back during these difficult times.

We are surrounded by a multitude of colour yet many of us ignore its’ beauty. The Magic of Colour webinar covers all aspects of colour theory that will open your eyes to a multi-coloured world.

Colour is a very important aspect of our life and it can be used as a tool for expression, communication and creativity. Wearing clothes that are the right colour that specifically harmonizes with your complexion, hair and eyes will make you feel and look great. Learn about colour theory and why having your Colour Analysis done can change your life. Become a master at how to examine colour in a thoughtful way and begin to understand which colours make you ‘pop’ and come alive.

Enhance Your Virtual Presence

June 18, 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm ET













Due to COVID-19 some of you have had to completely change your business to be able to operate digitally. Since we can no longer meet our clients or coworkers in person, we are forced to use alternative methods, such as video conferencing to communicate.

Regardless of the pandemic, learning how to always optimize your image in any setting is an essential skill; however, appearing and presenting yourself virtually in the best way possible may not be comfortable or easy for everyone. Mastering these tips and skills through digital methods will exude a positive, confident image. I will provide guidance on how to present your optimum digital self by explaining the many tools that you can replicate.


Opening Doors with Your Image

Coming Soon...

Professionalism in the workforce has been on the decline for some time, from interpersonal communication to the way we dress. Numerous studies show that first impressions are made between 7 and 30 seconds, and you only have one chance to make a powerful first impression. In those few seconds, people make assumptions about our level of education, social and economic status, trust and the likelihood of our future success or failure.

Inappropriate attire and communication in person or digitally reduces the credibility of your employees and your business. 
'Opening Doors With Your Image' is an excellent corporate reshaping webinar. This training can be taught in groups or individually.


The Power of Professional Presence

Coming Soon...

Your employees and their communication are a reflection of your corporate brand. The Power of Professional Presence will show your employees the importance of an individual's professional image, the intricacies of working in a company and appropriate behaviour with co-workers and clients.

This webinar discusses the ABC’s of professional presence: Appearance, Behaviour and Communication.
Your corporate image is your company's first impression — something you can't make twice. It’s important that your employees get it right the first time. This webinar will give them the tools to do just that.

The Power of Professional Presence can be tailored to your company’s needs, as well as to suit the requirements of employees at different levels within the company.


Discovering Your Personal Style

Coming Soon...

What’s your personal style? Everyone has their own style that complements them well — you just need to discover it for yourself.

Everyone's body type and personality style vary, and your personal style reflects both. More importantly, do you know what your current look says about you? Are you sending the right message to others? Are you making the most of it? Once you discover your personal style, you will confidently use your clothing and accessories as an expressive creative outlet!

If you are ready to start discovering your ultimate personal style, be sure to check out this two-part webinar to learn how you can start to enhance your image.




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