Don’t Let the Dryer Eat Your Clothes

We all do it – that is, end up pulling a big wad of lint from the dryer. And where does it come from? – our clothes. Each time we put our clothes into the dryer we lose some of the fibres. For all the convenience a clothes dryer may offer, it may come at the cost of shrinkage and replacing your clothes more frequently.

Here are some Tips to counteract dryer abuse:

· Be easy on the detergent amount and add ½ cup white vinegar to the last rinse. This helps remove residual detergent and clothes will be softer.

· Pants – remove partially dry pants and hang them on hangers by the hems or ankles. The weight of the pant will pull the fibres into place and prevent the pants from getting shorter after every wash.

· Speed Dry – include one dry bath towel with the wet item. The towel will absorb a great deal of the moisture and dry your item in half the time.

· Rubber backings, spandex, latex, elastic and painted logos should never be put in the dryer. Lay them flat or hang to dry.

· Don’t over wash or over dry clean your clothes. We bathe frequently, so unless your clothing is soiled, hang it to air dry and put it back into the closet the next day.

One Last Tip:

Always remove the plastic from the dry cleaners – not only are there residual chemicals on the plastic, but the air allows your clothes to breathe.

Lynda Jean
Certified Image Consultant

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