Opening Doors with Your Image

Professionalism in the workforce has been on the decline for some time, from interpersonal communication to the way we dress.

Numerous studies show that first impressions are made between 7 and 30 seconds, and you only have one chance to make a powerful first impression. In those few seconds, people make assumptions about our level of education, social and economic status, trust and the likelihood of our future success or failure.

Inappropriate attire and communication reduces the credibility of your employees and your business.

Below are some of the topics included in 'Opening Doors with Your Image':

  • Three professional business dress categories of Formal, Semi-Formal and Informal dress
  • Powerful effects of using colour strategically
  • Importance of appropriate communication in voicemail, e-mail and telephone
  • Significance of non-verbal communication
  • Strategic dressing for a variety of business events
  • How we are judged by first impressions and their lasting impacts
  • Creation of a professional business portrait
  • Evaluation of powerful people
  • Effective networking

    'Opening Doors With Your Image' is an excellent corporate reshaping seminar. This training can be taught in groups or individually.

  • Corporate Clients

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