Body Style Analysis

Have you ever wondered why some clothing styles complement you while others sabotage your appearance?

Have you ever tried on the outfit on the mannequin that you loved, only to find that it didn’t love you back? This has happened to all of us for a number of different reasons, so you are not alone.

Our genetics determine our body's shape, proportions and height, and these details determine the style and cut of clothing that suit us best. Accepting and knowing our body type contributes to higher self-esteem and wiser clothing choices.

I will teach you how to use the unique features of your body to make style decisions that will create a great look. Details such as line, proportion, style, fit and fabric types will be considered, as well as your personality style and natural look. These details will be incorporated into your style equation, as well as your hairstyle and facial details.

As I work with you, a customized Style Guide will be put together. Since your bone structure, height and body proportions are genetic and will not change, your guide will serve as a handy reference forever.

Knowing the best style of clothing and accessory details will empower you to make the right decisions with ease and confidence, creating a beautiful look.

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