Personal Shopping

Why is Shopping so Hard?

For some, shopping is a pleasure — even a release or an escape. Under the ideal circumstances, a shopping excursion can be a getaway from the demands of an overbearing boss or a hectic work week. But even those who enjoy shopping can admit that the experience can be challenging and at times, intimidating.

Unfortunately, not everyone finds peace within the walls of a boutique, and many people feel a rush of anxiety when faced with the prospect of needing a new outfit; I have talked to clients who describe shopping as painful. With so many brands and changing trends, shopping can be an overwhelming task, resulting in choices that don’t always enhance your appearance, and leading to money wasted on clothes that do nothing for you.

Much like no two brands are identical, body types are different too. A new outfit might cause one person to shine, while that same outfit might diminish the appearance of another — and often times, we don’t see ourselves in the same light as others do: if you hate to shop or just don’t have the time for it, a personal shopper can be a source of relief — and in many cases, can even make shopping enjoyable. For me personally, nothing is more rewarding than observing a client's mood change during an afternoon of shopping, as they realize how expertly we’re crafting the right wardrobe — and one they’ll actually wear this time.

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One Client’s Costly Experience

A few years ago, I did a wardrobe audit for a client: The wardrobe audit is the third step in my four step process of transforming your look. She wasn’t interested in the Colour Analysis or the Body/Style Analysis — which I recommended doing before cleaning out her closet. During this process, I found a jacket with price tags still on them.

My client paid $725.00 plus tax for a jacket that didn’t look or feel right. Had she had her Colour Analysis done she would have realized it was one of the worst colours she could have picked, because it fought with her complexion. In addition, the jacket was a very short style, and if she had done the Body/Style Analysis, she would have realized that she was short waisted and needed longer jackets to create the right proportions.

The Colour and Body/Style Analysis combined are less than the price of that jacket, and had she done them in the first place, she never would have made such a purchase. Moreover, learning the guidelines of your colours and styles only needs to be done once because our complexion and body proportions never change.

This experience isn’t limited to one client, as many people can find at least one item of clothing in their wardrobe that hasn’t been worn, or might even have price tags on it. While I can’t help clients right the wrongs of the past, I can offer the tools and insight to ensure that they don’t happen again. Imagine how much you’d save, by never wasting money on a style that doesn’t suit you again.

What to Know Before You Shop

Many of my clients come to me because they’re tired of shopping in a ‘fog’; that is, not having an intuitive sense for what they really needed and the colours and styles that worked for them. Most of us have the ability to assess how an outfit looks on us — we know right away because it ‘feels’ right or wrong — but finding the outfit in the first place can be a challenge.

Personal shopping is only a part of the service I provide; I’m also a Personal Stylist and an Image Consultant. Unlike a personal shopper, I can explain ‘why’ an outfit does or doesn’t work, and in so doing, the client will learn how to spot the right colours and styles for themselves. Once my clients learn this valuable knowledge, they can then put this theory into practise.

As a certified image consultant in Toronto, I have been trained and tested in providing a Colour and Body/Style Analysis. Shopping well is a bit like writing a test. It’s important to learn the theory in advance — or in this particular case, learn about which outfits best compliment your body type, and which colours to embrace and which to avoid. Some colours can truly make us look healthier and more vibrant, while others can make us appear flat and dull.

What do Personal Shoppers Do?

Virtually all Personal Shoppers have a good eye in choosing outfits. What’s missing is that the client still doesn’t know why they made their choices, so any issues and anxieties that arise from shopping will continue in the future. A great Personal Shopper will look to educate the client, so that they can understand their own style and what works for their body type. However, we all have different needs. I’ve worked with a number of clients who will only shop with my assistance, regardless of their level of knowledge. For them, it’s just more convenient.

An ideal Personal Stylist will guide you towards the clothing and accessories that suit your style, while listening to your wants and needs. It’s not about forcing a client to accept a decision, rather, it’s about showing a client how and why something works for them, and also reflecting their individual colour and style in the purchases that have been made.

Benefits of Knowing What Works for You

If you’re equipped with your colour and body/style knowledge, you’ll shop smarter and faster. For example, if you see a sweater in gold and your season is cool, you won’t waste time looking at it — but if you love the style of the sweater and it compliments your body proportions, you can always check to see if it is available in one of your ideal colours.

This is called ‘empowerment’ — feeling comfortable to make your own decisions. When you know what works for you, shopping can be a pleasurable experience, and also one that yields excellent results.

What is a Smart Purchase?

I’ve been in so many closets during wardrobe audits where I have seen unworn garments with the price tags still on. Do the math and you’ll be horrified at how much money has been wasted because you had no guidance except a pushy salesperson; it’s natural to trust the opinion of a professional salesperson, yet these people are often seeking a quick sale.

When you purchase the ideal clothing, you’ll wear it right away, and you won’t need to be told that it suits you. By the time you’ve worn your new outfit many times, it’s almost paid for itself, while at the same time, looks beautiful on you; feeling good in a new outfit can prevent some impulsive or reactionary buys.

What to Expect When Shopping with Me

As both a Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper in Toronto, I will provide exceptional guidance in the selection of clothing and accessories that reflect your personal and professional lifestyle. Ideally, a wardrobe audit has been done before the shopping stage. During the audit, I will have made a list of items that you need to complete your wardrobe. As we shop, we’ll use these notes to ensure that the right purchases have been made without any duplicates.

Shopping with me will teach you how to put your knowledge of colour and style into practice in the stores. And you will get the final decision on your purchases — I’ll never push you to buy something that doesn’t make your heart skip a beat. Most importantly, it will be an enjoyable experience, and I’ll be ready to respond to and address any concerns that you might have.

The goal is that every time you open your closet you will have coordinated outfits to wear in your most complementary colours and styles that mix and match easily, resulting in less time in front of the mirror and absolute confidence when you leave the house.

Where Should I Shop?

We will meet at the store or shopping district that stays within your personal and financial needs. Knowing where to shop for quality garments at the best prices can transform this experience into a pleasurable one. I’ll show you the difference between good and mediocre quality clothing to help you understand why paying more for well crafted pieces can on occasion make the most sense.

Whether you want to shop at boutiques, department stores, vintage or consignment shops, I will make this session an enjoyable learning experience.

Reasons to Use a Personal Shopper in Toronto

There are a number of reasons why you should use a Personal Shopper in Toronto — the selection alone is reason enough. When we encounter problems in life, sometimes we require the assistance of a professional to find a solution; there are plenty of people who have trouble with their image, but most don’t think to rely on the service of a personal shopper because they think it’s too expensive or it’s not for them.

But this service isn’t just for the incredibly rich or those who are too busy to shop for themselves. Whether it’s a job interview, a first date, a meeting with an important client, or a reunion, there are countless reasons why men and women regularly seek guidance when shopping.

Appearance is an enormous part of our lives, and though most people would wish that our world didn’t pass judgement on appearance, it does; my clients have often felt this judgement and are seeking a way to feel more comfortable in their own skin. I strive to go beyond just helping my clients with their shopping habits — I try to address their fears of shopping and help them find a way to overcome them.

Clients come to me for an assortment of reasons, and their stories are all unique, but no matter the story, I aid my clients in finding the joy in shopping, and the satisfaction that comes with crafting the right wardrobe and looking and feeling great.