The Art of Dining

The ability to dine with confidence anywhere, with anyone, is vital in today’s corporate world, where every business meal represents an opportunity for relationship building, sales and enhancing your corporate brand.

How you conduct yourself at the dining table can impact your business and social relationships. Knowing when, what and why at the dining table is the key to today’s business and social arena.

Arrange a lunch or dinner with your staff and I will take them through each course, explaining dining protocol and how to dine with comfort and confidence.

Below are some of the topics included:

  • Understand the logic of a place setting
  • Compare nuances of American vs. European dining styles
  • Appropriate conversation topics
  • Understand different seating arrangements
  • How to eat a variety of tricky foods
  • Understand napkin nuances
  • Understand basic wine pairings

    The Art of Dining can be offered to groups or individuals to enhance their overall professional presence.

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  • Corporate Clients

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