Colour Analysis

Colour is more complex than we think — different colours invoke a different psychological response. A muted colour can often make one invisible, while the same individual wearing a stronger colour will command attention in a room.

The Colour Analysis will enable you to leverage your best colours by determining the following:

1: Which colour category compliments your look and skin colour the best. Image consultants traditionally categorize the colour palettes via ‘seasons’.

2: How to use and wear the colours strategically within your seasonal palette. The colours an executive would wear would be quite different than the colours worn by an elementary school teacher.

The Colour Analysis only has to be done once in a lifetime. As long as your complexion stays the same, so will the optimal colours that compliment you best!

I’ll also apply the optimal shades of make-up to compliment your look and complexion, taken from my own line of cosmetics — all inspired by the four seasons’ colour palette.

After your Colour Analysis, you’ll know which colours to use to your advantage and which to avoid. You’ll shop with greater confidence and efficiency, saving time and money.

A colour bookmark containing your ideal colours will be provided as well, along with a booklet describing our psychological responses to colour. Colour wallets are also available.

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