Image Tips

  • Wearing white in winter is often thought of as inappropriate, but when done properly it can add lightness to any dreary day. Choose winter fabrics like wool or cashmere in an off-white shade, which when worn in the winter is commonly known as winter white.

  • Beware of the four letter word – SALE – especially this time of year. Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean it’s perfect for you. Before you buy, ask yourself: is the item the right colour, style, fit and quality for me and my lifestyle? If not, put it back. It’s not good enough for you.

  • While doing multiple wardrobe audits I’ve seen so many pieces of clothes with the price tags still attached – never used. Some people sense – correctly – that after the purchase, it doesn’t work for them. Keep your closet free of useless clutter by donating these clothes or selling them to pay for new, investment-quality clothes that you will wear.

  • Research tells us that the more skin we show in the workplace, the less we are taken seriously. Wearing short skirts and showing cleavage are a distraction to both men and women.

  • Tired of your winter coat? Put a colourful, patterned scarf around the collar to add some life to your look. Add a pair of leather gloves in one of the colours in the scarf, and you will be transformed from drab to fab.

  • Allow yourself enough time in the morning to look well-groomed for work – every single day. Realize that the tiniest imperfections such as scuffed shoes, chipped nail polish and wrinkled clothing can add up and make you look unprofessional. When you know you look great, you’ll feel great and exude confidence all day long.

  • Back to the all-important jacket: If you’re not sure how to dress for an occasion, wear a jacket over a simple dress. If the occasion turns out to be dressy, just remove your jacket and add a necklace.

  • Dark hose look great during the winter months, and should always be worn with dark shoes or boots. Change to nude hose in the warmer months, from April to September.

  • Don’t overdo it on accessories – we all know someone who wears too much jewellery, and with the sheer amount of rings on their fingers or bangles on their wrists – you can hear them before you see them. Keep it simple – less is more.

  • Cover any tattoos and remove facial piercings during your work day or before an interview – you can purchase skin-coloured plugs that prevent piercing holes from closing. Avoid wearing too many earrings, instead choosing only one pair to wear during the day.

  • You cannot go wrong with a simple and elegant closed-toe pump that has a heel no taller than two to three inches.

  • Keep your makeup neutral in the work place – some mascara, blush and a soft shade of lipstick will do wonders. False lashes, overdone eyes and dark lipstick will make you look unprofessional.

  • Many of us have been over plucking our brows for years. Spend the $8 and have your eyebrows waxed by a professional – they can work magic on your brows by shaping them in proportion to your face. Use an eyebrow pencil to fill in sparse areas.
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