Should I Wear Sheer Hose, Opaques or Tights?

There’s a real difference between these types of leg coverings and each one is going to a different place.

Starting with the most delicate hose, sheer hose expose more leg and are therefore sexier. They are best worn with sexy high heel shoes for evening wear. Remember, the lower the vamp on the shoe (imagine toe cleavage), the more sensual the look.

Opaque hose are thicker than sheer hose but not as heavy as tights. They can be worn with high, medium or flat heeled shoes and are best for day wear. Unlike sheer hose, they come in an array of colours.

Tights are the thickest hose and can be worn under a long sweater, substituting as pants. Ballerinas wear tights because they are the most durable. Since this look is the most relaxed, they are best worn with casual shoes or boots on the weekend.


Lynda Jean
Certified Image Consultant

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